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Welcome To The New Home Of Djibouti
No, the country isn't being moved, just the website for the band of the same name. Check back here soon to re-live what they did in the 20th century and to look forward to what they may eventually do in the 21st.
Site Updates
So far, the site hasn't been updated at all. We've gotten as far as securing the URL and putting this page up. Isn't that enough for you people?
Who is this guy?
We don't know who this guy is. We assume that's his car, but who can really say.

Contacting The Band
Darryll Comaday, Jim Smith, and John Levin are contractually obligated to be interested in what you have to say. Please feel free to drop them a line and you may eventually hear back from them. Don't hold your breath, but it could happen.
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Come Back Later
There's nothing more to be seen here. If you're desperate for Djibouti tunes, vist their site.

Wow, cool.
This picture is really cool. Much more interesting than what's-his-name with his car.